Work examples


Project support (2022-2024, Cracked Labs)

Project coaching – Internal workshops – Methodological support


Talk and subsequent Workshop „Messung und Sichtbarmachung nachhaltigkeitsrelevanter Forschung“ (2021/2022, 1/2 day, BOKU Wien)


Workshop-Series “Responsible Robotics” (2018-21, consecutive event series, TU Wien)

Workshop design – Talks – Method development


Workshop „Responsibility in Action (ReflACT)” (2018, 2-tägig, WTZ Ost)

Workshop design – Talks – Moderation

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Coordination of the interdisciplinary research platform „Responsible Research and Innovation in Academic Practice (2016-2019, University of Vienna)

Workshop design – Moderation – Facilitation of interdisciplinary processes

Further examples

  • Mediation of conflicts in an association (2022, anonymous)
  • Mediative moderation of team retreats (2021, anonymous)
  • Workshop “Tracing and Reflecting Responsibility in Research Practices” (2019, 1/2 day, MCTS)
  • Moderation of a series of group discussions on Responsible Research and Innovation (2016-2018; Biocenter Vienna)
  • Talk/Contribution about evaluating, reflecting and visualising sustainability in research at the Workshop “Beurteilungskriterien in Bezug auf Nachhaltigkeit” (19.09.2022; VetMed Uni)