I accompany and support processes of exchange and collaboration with a range of methods and tools of moderation, mediation and workshop design. Since group settings can be quite specific, I often develop tailor-made approaches that combine a range of elements across these three offers.

After a first consultation meeting, I develop a rough concept that is then refined in exchange with you.

Professional support in moderating events and facilitating longer-term work processes can make sense to allow participants to focus on the content of events and their specific expertise. I work with a broad spectrum of methods and tools for optimizing participation in events and to work together in time- and resource-efficient ways.

  • Moderation of events (e.g. discussion events, retreats, project meetings, meetings of inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration partners)
  • Methodological design of events and processes
  • Moderation facilitation of group processes (e.g. to incubate innovative ideas or to develop networks of competence)
  • Moderation und facilitation of inter- and transdisciplinary reserach processes
  • Moderation und support for online events

Dealing with conflicts in a mediative way can support a good working atmosphere and can support longer-term collaborative relationships. Interpersonal frictions are a common and inevitable. Conscious and smart dealing with tensions help avoiding friction losses of up to 20% of personnel costs. Good collaboration thus always means to find good ways of dealing with tensions and conflicts.

The aim of mediative support in difficult situations is to disburden the involved parties and to help them find sustainable solutions.

  • Mediation of conflicts between two persons
  • Group mediation
  • Mediation in (academic) work environments
  • Mediation in the public space (e.g. environmental mediation)

I develop tailor-made workshop designs, ranging from half-day workshops to longer-term workshop series. I use a broad spectrum of methods to facilitate time-efficient exchange within groups, in both online and offline settings. Within my fields of competence, I also develop workshop content, including preparatory research and presentations.

Fields of competence:

  • Reflection of societal and environmental relevance in research processes: Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), research in relation to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Evaluation of impact and sustainability in research
  • Science and technology and innovation policy
  • Methods of inter- und transdisciplinary research


Costs depend on the specific wishes and requirements and the scope of the engagement. Calculations are based on a daily rate of 600-800 Euro.

Social tariff upon request.