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About me and my work

Über meine Arbeit

In most areas we are not active as individuals but interact and collaborate with others. In such group settings – like teams, collectives, networks -, complementary perspectives and skills work together in creative, but often very complex ways. In the ideal case, a form of collective intelligence develops and allows for more meaningful considerations and more sustainable solutions. In many contexts, such as inter- and transdisciplinary work environments, successful collaboration is key.

I accompany and support such processes with a range of methods and tools of moderation, mediation and workshop design. Since group settings can be quite specific, I often develop tailor-made approaches that combine a range of elements across these three offers. After a first consultation meeting, I develop a rough concept that is then refined in exchange with you.

My offers

  • Moderation of events (e.g. discussion events, retreats, project meetings, meetings of inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration partners)
  • Methodological design of events and processes
  • Moderation facilitation of group processes (e.g. to incubate innovative ideas or to develop networks of competence)
  • Moderation und facilitation of inter- and transdisciplinary reserach processes
  • Moderation und support for online events

The aim of mediative support in difficult situations is to disburden the involved parties and to help them find sustainable solutions.

  • Mediation of conflicts between two persons
  • Group mediation
  • Mediation in (academic) work environments
  • Mediation in the public space (e.g. environmental mediation)


  • Reflection of societal and environmental relevance in research processes: Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), research in relation to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Evaluation of impact and sustainability in research
  • Science, technology and innovation policy
  • Methods of inter- und transdisciplinary research

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