My general attitude is very open as I am always curious to find out what approach suits a specific context. Experiences in many interdisciplinary, international and self-organized settings have made it very clear to me how unique constellations of people and framework conditions require tailor-made solutions to be effective and sustainable.

What motivates me is the experience that group processes and collective work can be impressively inspiring. However, the very same processes can also be experienced as laden with tension and conflict, which can impair participation and motivation. In my work, it is exactly these tensions that draw my interest, as they hint at what people value and regard as meaningful.

Foto von Lisa Sigl

My biography is interdisciplinary, because I studied and worked across different fields (science and technology studies, biosciences, history, philosophy, political science, sociology, gender studies, conflict resolution). One of my core interests has been to study from different perspectives how work cultures (in science, but also beyond) change over time. A lasting impression from this work is that working conditions can have the effect of isolating and increasing pressure on individuals. This often leaves little time for collective work and for reflecting the relevance and impact of one’s work.

Since 2016, I thus work on developing methods, tools and discussion formats that amongst others allow to develop common goals and visions, and to strengthen collaborations in a time-efficient way.

My work develops in continuous exchange with colleagues, that I collaborate with for larger projects. It includes colleagues at following institutions:

  • University of Vienna (Department of Science and Technology Studies, Research Platform Responsible Research and Innovation in Academic Practice)
  • Technical University of Vienna (Research Ethics Coordination, Gender Competence Center Department)
  • Munich Centre for Technology in Society (MCTS)
  • Science Center Network
  • Institut für Technikfolgenabschätzung (ITA)
  • LBG Open Innovation in Science
  • Beratungskollektiv Räuber:innenLeiter [RäuLe]